Monday, January 31, 2005

Auntie's Waiting!!

My Pet Peeve!

Well, bear with me for a minute, I'm about to go on a rant! You know what I hate more than anything? When I find out that a company I do business with OUTSOURCES their customer service to another country. If it's India, I go out of my mind because on top of American's not doing those jobs but now I can't even UNDERSTAND what their CSR is saying, for Cripe's sake! Today it turns out outsources to Nova Scotia...that would be Canada. I have NOTHING against Canadians, in fact, I married one a long time ago...BUT...If I'm doing business with a US biz, I want them to HIRE American's and give someone HERE a job! Not only is this bad for the worker but if a Canadian is getting paid NO ONE is paying into the Social Security fund, a states unemployment and not only that but the money they earn is going to be spent in CANADA!! How can this be??? What part of this do I not understand? How can OUTSOURCING help anyone except BIG BUSINESS! Damn, Hewlett Packard/Compaq, Neiman-Marcus and now moly Batman! I'm going to have to go to the mall!!
Make your Auntie feel me up and tell me how much you love my big boobs!

Wet Morning!

I woke up really wet and horny this morning and wishing I had a big, hard someone to wake me up right! Last night was a long one, didn't get much sleep between phone calls and playing with myself. I need some attention, BAD!! I'm thinking about taking a road trip, want to join me? How about taking in Mardi Gras with your favorite Auntie...come on, let's do it! check me out!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Want to Make Me Happy?

I'm known as the Surfing Queen amongst my friends. I can find anything on the internet and I shop for almost everything using the net! I bought my car after shopping online and now I found a perfect place for me to live and have fun in the sun! It's very reasonable and I would certainly be appreciative if you would like to contribute to my new favor charity! ME!
Check it out or call me and we can check it out together!

Auntie and Sunday Dinner

It's Sunday sweetie...and I would love to HAVE you for dinner! The sun is shining and I'm thinking about a long hike up the hill behind my house and maybe something nasty with a hot guy...
Cum join me for some fun, won't you? I'll take the cellphone and we can chat from the bushes! Giggle

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday night at Barbra's

It's getting dark outside and I just built a nice, warm fire. I am going out to soak in the hot tub for a bit and then come back in for a nice long evening by the fire. I would love to have you with me...we could drink some wine and talk in soft tones, tell each other some secrets and find out what makes each other cum...I am so in the mood to play tonight...! Come on, Lover, you know who you are...
Call me!
Cum 4 Auntie, Honey!

I Have To Tell You This!!

I have a fella from across the way come over on Saturdays to help out...You know, run the trash, change lightbulbs, walk the dog, stuff like that. He is oh, maybe 14, 15 TOPS...Well, he was here this morning doing some chores and I went up to the shower while he was working outside. I came downstairs and walked into my bedroom to get my clothes and what did I find!! The horny boy was standing beside my bed, stroking himself and feeling up my bra and panties that were laid out on the bed!! I could only see him from behind but his arm was pumping up and down SO fast!! LOL
He heard me and quickly shoved his cock back in his pants and then RAN from the room out the other doorway...
Think I should talk to him about it? Or just ask him if he needs a blowjob...LOL
I think I could play this out for weeks and weeks...What do you think? Call me up and let's talk about it...
$2 a minute/10min minimum
credit cards only please!

Mommy's Boy in my PANTIES!

What a phone call I just had! A new boy from Tennessee called up to tell me how sexy he thinks I am! Turns out he likes panties so much that he was wearing a pair during out chat and it was VERY hot!! Do you like to rub silky, lacy panties on your cock when your jerk off too? Or do you like to get all dressed up and play the little slut that I make do all kinds of sexy things for me? I could get very wet doing that! Go check out my hot pics on my sites and then call me and let me know which bra and panty set you want to wear!
Today is a very sexy day at auntie's house! Want to come and play with me?
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Welcome To Auntie Barbra's Diary

Today is my first day using this online journal. I hope you will enjoy reading your favorite Auntie's private thoughts and fantasies and will have a good time while you are on my website. I intend to post to this diary daily so you can see what your sexy auntie is up to when you are not around...
Call me soon and let me know what you think, I'm always available at 888-841-9858
Barbra Hart