Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hot Summer Hot Sex With Auntie Barbra

Hot summer nights make for hot sex and your Auntie Barbra knows out to heat you up. There is more than one place you can received a lap dance.  Just lean back in your favorite beach chair and let me get on top and wrap my firm legs around your shoulders and slide that hot stiff cock up my tight wet pussy. Feel your auntie working my firm round ass and, if you’re in the mood for something a bit harder grab me and force may ass against you and sink that hard cock deep inside me.  Fill me up and cum deep I want all of you. Give your auntie a call and lets heat up the summer with some hot sex.


online billing

Phone fantasies $2.50 a minute with 10 minute minimum. Please inquire if you have any questions. Billed as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major credit cards accepted.



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Auntie's Dirty Daddy Phone Special

It is a special weekend and in honor of all you dirty daddys out there I am offering a great deal on my calls...until next Saturday you can ask for your discount! A full week of free 5 minutes with every 10 minutes you pay 10 and get 15 minutes with me! I appreciate all my long time phone pals and love finding new guys to play with!

If its auntie phone sex fantasy or hot, nasty talk with a big breasted mature woman, I am your first choice. 
Call me soon and take advantage of my offer, I know we will have a great time together!