Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Call Your Auntie Like A Good Boy! Posted by Hello

Long Weekend Coming UP!

I hope you can spend some time with your special Auntie this weekend. Between picnics, parades and car races I am sure you will think of me and get the old familiar feeling around the family jewels. Auntie will be in and out and I hope you will stop on by for some juicy cherry pie! Or maybe you could supply the meat for my little party on Sunday...wink wink!! Party for 2, you and me, what do you say?
I don't have a phone date yet for race, how about watching Indie with me and having a little phone sex during the dull parts...Sounds like fun to me!
Sister Shawna will be over on Saturday for you boys who want to talk to us together! Talk about some hot phone fun that will be...
Well, I have to run and take my bath, tonight I'm using jasmine in the tub...want to join me, or how about calling later when I'm in bed, all oiled up and feeling naughty...
You are all so very special to me!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Like my new bikini? Summer is cumming R U? Posted by Hello

Wanna see what's under my cami? Call me and I'll show you! Wink Wink! Posted by Hello

Auntie Update!!

So, I guess you wonder what I have been up to the past few days!! Well, lots of time was spent with you sexy boys on the phone...thanks for all your calls and especially thank you for making me feel so wanted and sexy!! I love hearing you tell me how hot you think I am...oh baby!
We spent some time redesigning a website for Shawna...You should do yourself a favor and check out her new site, just click here!
Shawna is 1 Hot Pussy
I think you will like it! Her phone number is there and a new phone number for her. Her other site
Shawnas Phone Sex Hotline is getting lots of traffic and we thought she might get even more callers if she had more than 1 web site. Of course, you get even more pics!! Now, be good and call her! Don't just sit there jerking off to her pictures, Your Auntie will give you a spanking!
Call me soon, Lover! Auntie is lonely!
Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oh, Boys!!!

Hey there...
Your Auntie's home from her little vacation and I am ready to play and play hard! The trip was great, I took some pictures and will post a few when I get them back, so be sure and check back!! I did manage to work in some nasty time while I was gone and can't wait to tell you about me and the greensman at the local golf course...
wink wink!! My friend, Donna, answered the phone for me while I was gone. I hope you had a good time with her if you got horny while Auntie was away. She is super nice and lots of fun on the phone. How about if we all get together and have a hot old time, come will be fun, I promise!
Call me soon, my sweet!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!!

That's right, boys...Auntie is another delicious year older. That makes me even sexier, don't you think? Yesterday I took myself in for a manicure and a pedicure, the toes are now a sexy shade of purple!! and today I am going away for 4 days. I'm taking a bunch of the girls I know in the business and we are going to find some sun in Central Oregon. I rented a house on a river, hot tub, golf course only about 2 miles away and lots of sexy guys in town!! I hope to have a hot story to tell when I get back on Tuesday.
If you are one of my regular callers, don't dispare! I have a VERY hot buddy answering the phones and she can handle you while I'm away. Just call my regular number and tell her you are one of my callers and she will make you a happy boy!
I will have my laptop with me and will check my email while I'm gone if you want to send me a naughty birthday message...
Talk to you on Tuesday! Oh, and check back here soon for pictures of the big party!
Auntie Barbra