Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Feel Slutty And That's A Good Thing...

I need some attention today!! Nothing will cure this itch except for lots of scratching...I need to watch myself that I don't go stepping out tonight to find me some young, dumb and full of cum male to get me off. I"m in the mood for some hot, sweaty, nasty know the kind I'm talking about, that's right, Hotel Sex!! The kind that leaves the room smelling like sex and the bed soaking wet...
Call me up and let's play...I want to hear you beat that dick off just for me while you listen to me moan and pant and cum over and over...I need you and honey, I KNOW you need me...
So, LET'S GO!!
$2.50 per min/10 minute minimum
credit/debit/prepaid cards only!!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Auntie Barbra has a Surprise

Cum for Auntie Barbra

Hey lover, I got something for you. Nice firm Body, silky thighs nice big tits. Give your auntie Barbra a call and lets have some fun. Y0u play with me and I'll play with you.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

1sweetface4u nice boobs too

Check out one of my big breasted friends
1sweetface4u nice boobs too

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Long Weekend

Barbra Hart

Hey boys; it's your sexy Auntie Barbra. It's a long weekend and I have nothing to do except have sex with you. Give your Auntie a call 1-888-841-9858. Work me over good and I may send you a few hot pictures. Now stop playing with yourself lol and and treat me like your slut.

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