Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

I love Halloween...let's play tonight in between trips to hand out candy...wooohoo!

Kisses! Auntie Barbra

Monday, October 29, 2007

Who Loves YOU?

Your sexy, sweet Auntie Barbra, that's who! And I miss many things have been happening I don't know where to start. Wouldn't you love to come over today and get me to confess all my dirty secrets to you? I'm home and hoping you will call so we can feel good, what do you say? I have so many great pics to show you and so many erotic tales to weave with you.

Phone sex is safe and healthy. You need to express yourself to someone, let it be me! I can keep your secrets if you promise to keep mine!



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let Me Tell You About Scott...

I know what you are thinking..Auntie! Who is that on your blog? and how BIG is his cock! LOL Well, this my pet is Scott and he goes both ways...LOL Scott asked if he could get to know some of you boys and I said, well, sure! Now, you little sissy's have someone you can trust with your dirty fantasies and all you cockhold husbands can have Scott tell you just exactly how he fucked your wife for ya...You can see him for yourself on his site I so know you will love it! you can see him on or his own site Tell me how it goes? I would LOVE to do a 3way with you and him...god, that makes me want to go back to bed and fantasize about his big dick being sucked hard by you so he can fuck your auntie silly while you watch...ooolala

Monday, October 15, 2007

Good Morning! I did something for you!

This w/end was UNREAL! The weather was fab, morning fog (that I love) followed up with warm sunshine...ahhhh, that is the best you can hope for in October...loved it!
I spent most of the last 3 days working on a present for you boys. I have been a hiring kind of fool and gathered all the new girls for you on 1 site to make it easy for you. Let me know who you like and I'll keep them for you but if you don't call them or if you get bad sex on the phone with them, let me know and they are GONE! You know I only bring you the best...and I stand on that promise to you!
So, take yourself to and see what I am talking about...the pic today is of can reach her now on her private tollfree, tell her Auntie Barbra sent you!! I know she will turn you on, she does me! woohoo! Nice boobs, huh?
Give me a call real soon...I'm spending the day here at home today, chatting with some sexy men and hopefully cumming 5 or 6 wanna help me ??


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh Boy...Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey fellas...what's up? Days has just flown by and I have neglected you...I'm sorry, is there something I can do to make you feel better? HMMMM? LOL So, I went away last w/end and had some real fun. Met a sexy guy in Reno and had some laughs and got laid properly. He fucked me so good that I gave him 2 blowjobs the next morning just to show my appreciation...
This brings a couple questions to mind..tell me, if he kept saying things like, oh fuck, your pussy is so tight, you are so tight, oh my God, oh my God, is that a good thing? Or was he complaining?? I'm boggled, I need answers! lol Another thing, if a man cums after less than 5 minutes of a blow job am I doing something wrong? He seems so darn happy after he cums but I wonder, is he just cumming to get it over with or what???
You see, I need you to call and give me your thoughts. I want him to like me so naturally I want to be his fantasy in bed...tell me what you fellas really really me today, I'm serious!!
The pic today was taken on my way home. I drove thru Lassen Park and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Hope you enjoy it!
Auntie Barbra 888-841-9858