Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Baby...

The month has been very busy! Lots of phone calls and visits from family and lovers...I have much to tell you the next time we talk. I came today to wish you all a most wonderful day and a very Merry Christmas. You know I love you....My Christmas wish is that you be blessed by God's tender mercy today and every day.

I am home all day and yes, accepting calls! It's quiet here this morning with snow forecasted for tonight. Want to keep your auntie company? I have a duck to roast later and lots of sweets to taste all day...I would love to spend some time giving you some Holiday spirit! I'm going to start the day with a glass of Champagne to toast the season, join me?

Come stand under my mistletoe! I have just the present for you!

Happy Holidays, Bloggers!



Saturday, December 01, 2007

Civil War, Babbbbby!

My powerful, legendary BEAVERS play in Eugene today and will WIN against those lousy, loser Ducks...Your Auntie is all ready for the big game and I have my pompoms ready to shake! How about calling me during the game and waging a bet with me....I can think of all kinds of wagers!

Go Beavers!!!