Monday, June 18, 2007

Auntie Is Back!

I had such a great w/end! Well, after the speeding ticket drama wore off...grrrr did you know that going 76 in a 60 is going to cost you $145? dang! Who of you out there is going to pay that for you sexy, loving Auntie? LOL

The hotel was AWESOME! I was impressed from the minute I walked into the huge lobby with all the granite nice! My suite was amazing, leather furniture and the bed!! King sized and so soft! Don't you wish you had been there? I do! I spent time with some longtime friends and that was nice. There is something about being around people that know you best that restores your faith in others. I soaked in the love and we laughed until I cried. I spent the day yesterday, alone with my was great, I treated him to a trip to Lowe's and made him pay! LOL I love Lowe' much testosterone going on in there. LOL
I met a VERY young fella at the restaurant we ate at the first night. So cute and he was so attentive to me and my friend...when he asked me if there was anything else he could do for me I told him where I was staying and that there were a couple things I could think of...well, I gave up my suite number and he showed up...all 22 yrs of him! Oh, Auntie!! LOL

Call me up today and I'll tell you all about it. But first, I need a click from you sexy today and then call and tell me you did and I'll be extra special nice to you...

I missed you fellas while I was gone and from the looks of my email box and the way the ph has been ringing nonstop since I got back, you missed me too!!

Love you babies...hope you all have a great, sexy day!

Smooches, Barbra


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another New Girl Cumming SOOON!

So, another day another hottie to tempt you fellas that love us older girls! Her name is Megan and she is using her own pictures to show off her sexy little ass! What a cute face and those perky boobies of her don't hurt either!! I'm hoping she is ready to go by the w/end, she'll be on a few of our sites and of course will have her own site with lots of free pics to tempt you with!!

You don't have to thank me, I'm just taking care of you boys by giving you lots and lots of variety for your fantasies!

Yesterday was a great day for Auntie on the phone! Seems like all I have to do is think about you and my phone rings...I'm so very lucky and grateful to have so many loyal and HOT phone boyfriends to keep me busy and happy!! Thank you all so much for all your emails and phone calls over the past few weeks. I love each and every encouraging and naughty note! Smooch!

now, be sweet and vote for me on PSC, will ya? It only takes a minute and it helps me and I know you want to do that, don't you...smooch...

I'm headed outside to water the garden...if you are a good boy I'll post a pic of the deck tomorrow...but only if you ask nice. I have a nasty little story about that deck..wanna hear?

Call me sexy...I'm waiting for some fun!



Monday, June 11, 2007

Holy Cow! New Site, New Girls!

So, I had a wonderful weekend and want to share all those dirty details with you but first I want to introduce a new girl to you! She's very sexy, a hottie in her 30's and very pretty.

Her name is Mindy and she's brand spankin' new...I have her on 2 of my sites and on Here's a picture of her, nice and close up so you can see her pretty face! She has a lovely smile and isn't afraid to show off her lovely white teeth! So sexy, don't you want to play with your new mommy? She's great...give her a try at 888-221-5308 I'm home all day, got some time this afternoon to call and play with your auntie? I sure hope so! I added some new pics to my gallery and hope you like them!!

Hugs and Kisses!
Auntie Barbra

Friday, June 08, 2007

It's Raining Sexy Girls!

I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I have been overwhelmed with hot women who want to do phone and cam for me!! I am doing a happy dance over here for me and for you! I know variety is important in a man's sex life and I respect that! I have tried to bring you sexy girls that we can all trust with your private information and ones that get you off big time!! Well, I'm happy to say that I have hired some new chickys!! One is very So not like me but what could I say? She goes to college and needs some money and likes older guys. So, I added her to and I hope you check her out. I know she isn't MILFY like you like but she is a cute little thing. I hope to have another young one soon! I have my eye on her and I'm hoping she will decide to try out the phone sex biz!! As I add girlies I'll post their pics here so you can get a look at them...but today, you get a pic of your sexy Auntie who is anxious for you to call her again...we have been having SO much fun, huh?
Smooches, baby...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

By Request....giggle

Here's your picture, sexy...Wish I was in 'Balmore' with you...yummy blue crabs and beer! Thanks for calling this make me SO wet...LOL
Love you baby...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Me So Horny!!

I had to cum twice last night to fall asleep...I need you here with me! I need you on me, in me and all over me...come on, gimme some dick...I will be so nice after!
I love your calls, cutie...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Monday, Boys!

Wow! Did you watch the Soprano's last night! I watched the East coast feed at 6 and then watched it again at 9...I was SO scared when they were in the train shop...
What will happen! Next Sunday is the final episode, ever...boohoo! I used to like Tony but today, not so much. I do feel sorry for him, his world is crashing down around him like a deck of cards. I know someone in the biz that is going thru the same exact thing. She made an enemy that she cannot beat and now the poor dear is suffering...oh well, pull up your big girl panties and move along little piggie! LOL
So, what are you doing today? Want to fool around on the phone and have some laughs and a naughty conversation with your hot auntie? I would love that myself!
Oh, there goes the you a sexy pic today to help you get thru your day. Remember now, I love it when you call me and tell me how much you want do it today and I'll whisper sexy things in your ear to drive you crazzzy!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


I have been so taken care of lately by you sexy, sexy men! What can I say!! I appreciate all your calls and admiration you pour over your sweet auntie and I want to do something very special for you. This w/end is a milestone of sorts. I had to get rid of a very dirty girl that was working for me and you know I hate all that drama but it's a new day and things will be SO much better for all of us! Now, when you call and Auntie is not available you won't have to worry about anything. I wish some of you would have just told Auntie what was going on, I could have fixed it up months and months ago....
So, because it's a new, fresh, sexy day, I thought I would make you an offer. This weekend and only this weekend, and to make up for any problems you might have encountered along the way with my fillin help, I would like to give you the opportunity to name your price. Call me up and tell me what YOU want to pay for your time with your favorite auntie. If it's reasonable, we are good to go! It's so nice being your own boss!! I can reward my faithful callers without having to worry about someone getting mad! LOL
Let's have some hot chat and I'll even throw in a free, signed pic for you!
Call me soon, remember the offer for name your own price is only valid until Sunday night and only good with your sexy Auntie Barbra!!