Monday, March 24, 2008

Tina is HOT..Period

Wait til you talk to TINA...oh my goodness! She is one raunchy talker! You like it dirty? Tina is your woman..these pictures speak VOLUMES about her. Those legs go on FOREVER! I heard about her at a party last January down in Vegas and if half of what I was told happened, wow!

She told me flat out she is addicted to cock and will take on anyone at any time...

You can find her at she's from S Philly and I bet she has deep throated more than one cheese steak...if you follow

Don't say I didn't warn sure and click on MY PICTURES to view her gallery...Call me after to say thank you...LOL


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hot Legs and Deviled Eggs!

Happy Easter to all my fans and phone sex pals!

I am home today making cocks hard and coaxing big breast fans to make a mess for me!

Call me up and let's make like bunnies! Last one in bed gets on top!


Auntie Barbra 1-888-841-9858

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meet Lily!

Lily is a teacher...I swear...LOL You are gonna like this girl...she is so into what she does, in more ways than others. You need some guided masturbation or a story about dirty boys and learning about sex? Lily can fix you up! She also has some wicked dirty stories about growing up that you will love to hear...

She's an all around hottie, new to the phone sex world but horny and ready to go...check out her gallery when you visit her page on

You know what they on the head, hot in bed...she's a yummy little sure you click on 'my pictures' I'm going to add a bunch of hot ones in there tonight! woohoo!!

I have been enjoying hearing from some of my longtime callers who have been missing action! It's so nice to see you coming back to Auntie, especially when you tell me how much I have been missed!

Talk to you soon, Sexy Boys!



Monday, March 17, 2008

New Girl In Town, Fellas...

I met a new hottie for you and hope you agree with me that she is HOT! We did 2 different scenes at her photo shoot and she looks GREAT. Julie has a sexy, southern sounding voice and is having some super naughty phone dates!! She is like the rest of us, no taboo, pretty much anything goes and has great availability. I know you will enjoy calling a NEW that she has what it takes to answer phones for me and really wants to get off too! You can check out her story and find a link to her pics if you click here
Yesterday and the day before where HUGE phone sexy days for me! I love it when I hear from you fellas that have not called in awhile and when you tell me, shyly of course, that you were out calling other girls but came back to Auntie because no one makes you feel like I do, well, honey, I get all warm, wet and fuzzy inside. It makes me even more motivated to bring you pleasure. I love spending time with you and now that I have my Yahoo! indicator on my pages, you can click and chat online with me! Getting in touch with you is great, whether or not you can call at that moment. I totally understand that sometimes you just can't get a call in...Just message me if I'm online and say Hi! Let me know you are thinking about me and I'll probably hit you up for a vote on PSC. You all are so great to vote for me. I love your faithful support! Smooch! You only want what is best for me and I get off on that!
I'm going to be home all day today but tomorrow is my hair and nails day so I'll be in and out. Carol or Stephanie will be answering for me and either one will make your toes curl! LOL Those 2 are so dirty! I will be around on Easter, too...just so you know! I know this is a busy time and March Madness is about upon us but you still get horny, you still need to jerk off and you REALLY need me!
I'm off to the bath...coconut milk bubble bath and a nice long soak...Join me? Think about my big, juicy boobs bouncing on the water...don't be shy, my sweet nephew, come on in and spend time with me....
Love you...
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Monday, March 03, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

How is everyone this morning? I'm happy to say it's a beautiful Oregon morning here, sunny and clear but a tad on the chilly side! Makes Auntie want to cuddle under the covers with YOU! I think sex in the morning is my favorite...I'm all rested from the night before, very sensitive and a little bit fuzzy brained. Come here, see if you can't wake me up...wink!

I have been very busy the past couple weeks, time has flown by and I can't believe it's early March. Spring is cuming, er, coming, it's going to be a great year for all of us, I PROMISE!

I had company for a few days last week but you will be happy to know, I'm alone again and happy about it. Regular sex, he does have a rather large cock, was nice but, I don't know...I prefer you are nice, you are hot and you don't stay for breakfast after I make you the best kind of lovin'!!

We did redesign one of the sites, let me know what you think of

We added Elizabeth, she has some of the hottest leg, foot and shoe sets of pics! That is her legs you see in my posting today. I know you are going to enjoy her. She is an anything goes woman, older and I really think you will enjoy her style. Candy is going to a professional photo shoot tomorrow! We can't wait to see her with the new pics done. You know, she is the dirtest old broad I know...LOL She will do ANYTHING you tell her yes, I mean ANYTHING!

We are putting together another site for these older woman, some place for you pervs to go that have had enough auntie, mommy fun and need to push that envelope to cum as hard as you used to. Auntie Barbra knows what you need. After a fashion you need a little something extra, don't I know, and honey, I'll take care of it for ya...

Well, it's almost 9am and I need to turn on my phone and let the games begin. I hope today is as busy as yesterday! My godness, you boys worked me over GOOD! It was so great just fantasizing all day and listening to you tell me over and over how fab you think I am, that you think I'm the best out there and that you love calling me. I just LOVE all that adoration! The best part is I don't have to demand it from you! You are happy for me to just be me and that is what you like. I love the response I get from you and I can't WAIT to hear from you again...

Have a sexy day, if you can't call me, promise you will think of me when you settle down and give that hard cock of yours a rub...cum 4 auntie, boys...I love it!



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